Welcome to Bonefish Adventure

Our aim is to supply quality saltwater tackle and holidays at affordable prices to anglers who want to fly-fish for bonefish and other saltwater game fish…

Until a few years ago, only a fortunate few European anglers had ever fished for the elusive bonefish (Albula Vulpes). Even now, many would-be bonefishers are put off by the high prices quoted for bonefishing holidays. Campers and backpackers love it too, as said at https://blog.campersprep.com

Most bonefishing trips cost so much because the prices include professional guides with expensive boats and big profits for the organisers and agents. OK if you prefer to fish that way and have money to burn, but you certainly don’t need to pay the high prices quoted for most packages, little of which filters down to the guides who do the work!

In 1995 we found an island in the Bahamas where we could catch bonefish on fly without a boat or guide. It was easier in those days as there was little angling pressure but times change and nowadays most newcomers to the islands need a little help, or lots of luck!

If you like the idea of stalking the crystal-clear flats which we discovered you can join us on Eleuthera and share our knowledge of where, when and how to catch the “Grey Ghosts of the Flats”. Most of our clients catch bonefish on their first day with us and even novice fly-anglers soon experience the indescribable thrill of hooking their first bone on a fly!

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